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Fiona B - 2018 
Treatment ~ veneers to be fitted to 8 of my top teeth and crowns to side teeth Treatment was required due to excessive wear to my front teeth which was causing my own teeth to wear away. 
I classed myself as a nervous patient and the thought of any kind of dental work makes me nervous. I had put off many check ups and procedures before finally deciding to go ahead with the work that was required. 
Obviously there were huge benefits to to my teeth as I wasn’t over compensating with biting or chewing with the wrong teeth, but the benefit to my self confidence was unbelievable. I hadn’t realised that I had become so self conscious about my front teeth, I realised that in any pictures of me I didn’t smile properly to avoid showing my teeth. Now the difference is unbelievable. 
I am so happy I was finally brave enough to go through with it. 
Although the appointments were long I had two four hour appointments as well as other slightly shorter appointments, the thought of these were far worse than the actual appointments, and the team did everything possible to ensure I was comfortable with everything that was happening. 
If anyone is considering treatments I would recommend that they don’t hesitate and wait like I did. 
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